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Yoga with Yen

Online Zoom Classes

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Yen will be offering online zoom yoga classes throughout the winter, and these can be booked via the calendar link below during December, January and February. Yen may well continue with zoom depending on the demand and feedback.

Zoom dates and class times will be published each month, with a short 30minute class on Thursday morning, and a longer 75minute class on Friday evening. Each month, Yen will also a FREE community class of 60mins. Doing yoga online by zoom in your own home, means you don’t have to travel or venture out in the cold, and is cheaper for you as there are no studio costs. 

£4 for 30min class, £8 for 75min class. 
Some class packages available

If you are in need, please contact me and I can send you a discount code.
If you are a regular, again please contact me and I can send you a discount code.

Booking Platform
Online classes can be booked via a booking platform called Classfit which will take payments, send out confirmations with the zoom link, send reminders etc. The Classfit app is available to download on google or the apple store.

If you are using the app, you will need to create an account first and do a waiver health form (just the once) and then you are ready to go. Otherwise you can use the calendar below and that will take you directly to Classfit. Once booked on, you should receive a confirmation email with a zoom link to the class, keep that handy as you can use that to log in directly to the class (or via the app if you have it). Please note that Classfit only allows you to book one class at a time (to avoid user error and refunds) and payments are made via Stripe.

Dates for the January will be published soon

We hope you can join us for some home practice.

Useful Tips for Online Practice

  • clear enough space for your device and yoga mat, any fragile items put out of reach
  • practice preferably on an empty stomach, for a morning class ideally having your breakfast after
  • ensure your device has enough battery power
  • log on a few minutes early in case of any technical issues and to be let in from the waiting room
  • finding the zoom link – you can join via the zoom link in your confirmation email or via the Classfit app
  • have your props handy, a block/brick for the morning sessions, for evening sessions, blocks, bricks, strap, bolster or extra mat yoga mat or towels rolled up, a blanket to keep you warm and anything else you would like to be cosy. It is possible to enjoy the practice without props, but having props makes the practice more comfortable
  • switch to active speaker view or pin speaker
  • please look after yourselves in your practice, zoom is great for the convenience but no so much for adjusting or seeing you as if you were the same room
  • if you like to practice to music, you can play your own playlist of your choice. Playing music through zoom interferes with the sound sadly.